EAT THE COOKIE - Shift Your Holiday Mindset

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2018

WOW! Merry Christmas Eve! I won’t lie, I am a bit ashamed that it has been over a YEAR since my last blog post. Needless to say, a LOT has happened in the past year, but I’ll save that for a future post.

In case you missed it – my gal pal, Lauren and I, started a PODCAST (freaking awesome right?!), where our goal is to find fellow badass women be happier, healthier, and smarter each day. You can find us here on iTunes (or Spotify or Stitcher).

We recently interviewed fellow Registered Dietitian Nutritionist – Kacey Massie – on her eating disorder story and how she found intuitive eating. I won’t spoil the details, you’re just gonna have to subscribe to make sure you get the episode when it is released next month!!

While working more with weight loss patients and clients I have started to shift my own counseling skills to integrate the principles of intuitive eating. But what IS intuitive eating? In a nutshell – I’m helping clients to steer away from the DIET mentality and eat based on listening to their body.


With the hustle and bustle of the holidays comes all the social media blasts about ‘burning off the extra Christmas cookies’ and so much that grinds my RDN gears. FOOD and EXERCISE are not and should not be transactional. We should eat because 1) we have to in order to survive and 2) we enjoy it. We should sweat because 1) it’s good for us and 2) how it makes us feel.

If you struggle with mindset when it comes to eating, I encourage you to eat the cookie, get your sweat on (or not) and move on with your life!! Check out these tips below to help you start the shift…

1) SWEAT. Take time to spend with loved ones, but also take time for your sanity. If you’re home for the holidays, meet up with a high school friend for a group fitness class or just walk outside. Maybe pop in that old Turbo Jam DVD or do a 20 minute HIIT workout. You will be happier and less stressed for it. Exercise because you CAN not because you have to.

2) ASK YOURSELF. What is it that brings you stress or anxiety around eating and the holidays? Is it your grinch of a cousin who ‘always’ has to make a comment about your weight? Were you raised around women who are always dieting themselves? Try to ask yourself questions that maybe bring some enlightenment to why you think about food the way you do. Don’t be judgey, just acknowledge it, and think about it. Want to take it a step further? Write it down. Magic happens when we take pen to paper. No one has to see this but you.

3) HONOR YOUR WANTS. It’s OK to eat just to eat, even if you are not hungry. I am guilty of giving you guys ‘tips to survive the holidays’, and if you want to follow those that is OK too! If you want to eat cookies for breakfast, you DO YOU!

4) HONOR YOUR FULLNESS. It’s OK to pass on seconds. When offered more food, you don’t have to explain yourself if you simply choose to not have more.

5) DO WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD. Maybe you’re still working to find the balance of eating and trying to understand what that word balance even means to you. That’s ok. It’s a process that is always changing based on your season of life and where you’re at. Remember – YOU are in control of how you feel and only YOU know your body best.


Please share this with a friend who needs to hear this message. Add me on Facebook or Instagram and let me know what you think! For more tips check out the link below.

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