I'm Katie Hake, a Registered Dietitian and Fitness Professional with a passion for helping people find their fierce. Eliminate the rigid, all-or-nothing mindset that once controlled you and replace it with one that celebrates life’s small wins to let you grow.



After the college weight gain from studying abroad, I found myself addicted to exercise and hyper-focused on healthy eating. Rather than trusting my body, I fell into the trap of quick fixes, disordered eating, and poor body image. It was a never-ending cycle.

Through my dietetics career and the power of group fitness, I came to realize that our bodies are complex and amazing. I started seeing how the health and fitness industry standards were doing more harm than good, and I began to let go of the rigid rules and restriction to shift my mindset and definition of health. As a result, I created sustainable changes that left me feeling confident and more happier than ever.

I started my private practice to help others discover this same freedom and empower them to create sustainable changes to live a life free from stress, so they can find their fierce.



  • Dual degree in Dietetics and Nutrition, Fitness, & Health from Purdue University

  • ISPP Program through Purdue University

  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

  • Beachbody LIVE Master Trainer



Stop chasing the numbers and do what feels good for you, and not because you have to.
Find joy in movement, and learn why all foods fit.


Flexibility creates a positive mind.

Eliminate the rigid, all-or-nothing mindset that once controlled you. Replace it with one that celebrates life’s small wins so you can grow.


Power your body with what it needs.

Put yourself back in the driver’s seat and be empowered to make healthy choices that works best for your body. Let your confidence to radiate outwards, and own who you are.



Find your strength, do more in life.

Being strong goes beyond the physical. Dive deep to conquer new challenges and push past mental barriers with the fierceness you know you have inside.


Be confident in who you are.

Get rid of the limiting, toxic mentality that you aren’t enough. Live life to its fullest, fiercely confident, and free of judgment.


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