3 Ways to Eat Halloween Candy Without Guilt

Tis the season where we freak out due to our loss of self-control when it comes to all things sweet. Do you find yourself unable to say no to the jar of candy corn? Or if you’re like me, you’re CONVINCED that a Reeses shaped like a pumpkin tastes SO much better. Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, I think we can agree, we all have certain foods that may feel ‘binge-worthy’, leaving you feel bad when you just can’t find the ‘will power’ to say no thanks.


  1. Pick your favorites. Take time to identify your favorite candy(s). Do you prefer dark chocolate over milk? Chocolate only when paired with peanut butter? Also identify those sweets that never taste as delicious as you think. For me, almond joys just do not bring me joy, so it is easy to pass those up.

  2. Keep that candy on hand! YES, buy a bag of your favorite candy. This is contrary to the popular advice of ‘out of sight out of mind’, but imagine if you knew you could have that favorite item at any time. If the thought of this gives you some anxiety, ask yourself why? Ask the question, what if I gave myself unconditional permission to eat my favorite sweet - any time, any day? What would that feel like?

  3. Forget your plans. Don’t plan out how much you’re going to eat or when. When we put ‘rules’ and ‘guidelines’ around our food, we tend to overeat or binge. It’s like telling a little kid “You can’t open these presents until Christmas,” and what do they do? Stare, shake, and about lose their minds thinking about what’s in the box!!


So what candy do you plan on enjoying this week? Post below! And if you found this blog post helpful, please share with a friend!