How to Recover from a Fitness Certification

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As a Beachbody LIVE Master Trainer, I spend my weekends basically training the trainers. I usually spend the week prior preparing choreography, reviewing material, and getting organized. The day of, I usually wake up before 5am to travel, lead the training from 9am-5pm, clean up, and head home! It makes for a long day, but words can’t even describe how FULL I am. The moment I see it just ‘click’ for a new instructor, and hear their stories of how they are paying it forward, it gives me goosebumps still just thinking about it!! <3

As the participant, you feel like you have been marinating in your own sweat all day (because you have been), you are SO happy, but SO overwhelmed, and feeling all sorts of emotions! Not to mention walking with a swagger. Here are my top tips for how to recover (both physically and mentally) after attending one of my Beachbody LIVE Instructor Trainings (or any other certification)!!


1. FUEL YOUR BODY! You have been moving for almost 8 hours straight and pushing your body. Recover by drinking lots of water, and eating a big meal heavier in carbohydrates and lean protein!

2. SLEEP THEN MOVE. Get at least 8 hours of sleep, and if you can, wake up with no alarm. The next day, try to do something to stay active. Doing nothing will make you feel even more sore! Go for a walk, easy bike ride, take a yoga class, or foam roll and stretch.

3. REVIEW YOUR NOTES. Look through your manual and any notes you took during the training. Try to think back throughout the day, writing down anything you can/wanted to remember. If you don’t do it now, your notes may not make sense later!

4. TAKE ACTION! Get out your planner/highlighters, write goals, set dates, and tell someone! Ideally, tell your Master Trainer or mentor so they can hold you accountable. Set fast approaching deadlines for the following…

  • When you will have first section memorized (1 week)
  • When you will do the workout
  • when you will write your notes
  • when you will listen to your music
  • when you will teach to warm bodies aka anyone who will let you!
  • when you will find a class/teach your first class!

5. WRITE YOUR WHY. Take a moment to reflect on WHY you signed up for the training in the first place. Was it on your bucket list? Outside your comfort zone? To help others? To gain confidence? Really dig deep and think about why you made the investment, and what you will do to HONOR that investment. We are more likely to stay motivated and committed when we can connect this internal reason that is close to our hearts.

6. ASK QUESTIONS! If you feel stuck or lost, don’t give up!! Do not be afraid to ask questions if something isn’t clicking. Ask your mentor if they will practice with you or if you can record yourself practicing and send to them.

7. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Have faith that if you put in the practice, and stick with it, it will click!! Be proud of how far you have already come. Use that as fuel to your fire to keep pushing forward and remember how your courage and passion will help to inspire others!!


If you are considering becoming a fitness instructor or taking your fitness career to the next level, please reach out to me at :) 


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