Holiday Gift Guide for Your Fit Fam

Are you a procrastinator like me? Still can’t figure out what to get your fellow fit friend? Check out some of my favorite things below! This stuff does contain affiliate links, however do not feel like you need to use them :)

  • Apple watch and/or band - I love being able to focus on ‘closing my rings’ vs looking at numbers. I love that it allows me to track my sleep, and even sends me reminders to get up and move - giving me a little oomph throughout the day when I am often glued to my desk. It’s nice to quickly read texts, respond via voice if needed, and even change my music while teaching. I also love the variety of bands to dress it up or down, however let’s be real, my original active band stays on the most since I hardly ever take it off!!

  • Lululemon Align Pants - Fun fact, I just got a part-time retail job at this store here in Indy for many reasons (hint future blog post). These tights are great for low-intensity activity aka working haha or just being cozy! They are ridiculously soft and feel like butter on your legs. I am telling you your life will be forever changed. I prefer the longer 7/8 length.

  • Lululemon Wunder Under High Rise Pants - They actually refer to these pants as a ‘second skin’ and are a little more durable than the align. Love these for everyday gym wear - tons of cute colors and shades of black if you are feeling cray like me!

  • Lululemon Fast and Free Pants - OK last pair of workout tights I swear!! But THESE are amazing for your hardcore runner. They won’t pill and have easy-access pockets (game changer) to hold your phone, keys, and cards. You don’t realize how much they make a difference until you try to run in something else! (I also love the lulu Vinyasa scarf for travel and going from gym to casual!)

  • Triggerpoint Foam Roller - if you are ready to advance from your traditional roller, triggerpoint is where it’s at!! The larger rollers are great for total body, however I am obsessed with my GRID Mini Roller. It is super easy to throw in my gym bag or travel with.

  • Subscription Box - it seems these days that there is a subscription box for anything and everything. I have heard great things about FabFitFun and BarBella Box . I personally have tried Birchbox (beauty) and SparkleHustleGrow (girlboss items). I love the idea of getting a mini gift full of surprises each month.

  • DIMRS - great stocking stuffer for the heavy sweater who easily gets cold if ya catch my drift. I have tried all the knock offs and cheaper versions, so trust me when I tell you these are the best! Easy to wash and reusable.

  • TRX Suspension Trainer - I always reccomend a TRX to any of my clients who travel or simply choose to invest in one piece of equipment. You can literally take it anywhere to attach to a door, tree, wherever! I use the TRX to train my clients from young to old, it is literally for everyone!

  • Beats by Dre - I love the wireless for running, weight training, but also love my larger ones for travel. It was so hard for me to find headphones that stay in my baby ear canals (no seriously my professor in Australia made fun of me for this who knew?!).

  • Theragun - OK so I don’t actually own one of these, but it is definitely on my wish/goals list!! It’s basically a super intense massage tool for muscle soreness and tightness. We also have one at the gym I work at and a great alternative for someone who doesn’t make time for regular massage work!

  • Feeture Socks - A client once got me these for Christmas years ago, and I have been hooked ever since! Your feet feel like they are wrapped in a cloud. They have made all the difference for me especially with my wide feet doing high impact and running long distance. I am a fan of the short cut, but the long ones are also fun!

  • Class Pass Subscription - Think similar to Groupon, however this allows you to try classes all over town for a discounted price! It’s a great way to check out local studios especially if you have commitment issues and just aren’t ready to decide on one. Because let’s be real, picking a gym is just as important as picking a boyfriend or job HA ;)

  • The BEST Dry Shampoo Ever - Give this stocking stuffer to the friend who will not shower no matter how often you try to convince them. For real tho - this stuff works magic and I swear my hair curls better using this on day 3!

  • The BEST Hair Tie Ever - My boss gave me one of these at a fitness conference 3 months ago, and I’ve used it everyday since. Serious game changer.

  • Kettle Grype - This could be a fun gift for someone who already has a ton of dumb bells, but wants to convert them to kettlebells.

  • Body Shower Wipes - Assuming you are still shopping for that special shower rebel, these giant wipes are helpful when you have all intentions of showering, but just gotta run!!

    Comment below with your favorite fitness gadgets so I can add them to the list for me I mean someone else!